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    [Q] » IGN:
    [A] »In-game name: YuhItsCombo

    [Q] » Can you record and do you have a microphone?:
    [A] »I can both of these things. I currently use Fraps to record, which isn't the best, but I hope to upgrade soon, and yes I do own a working microphone which would allow me to participate in any kind of Discord-related event.

    [Q] » What is your Discord tag?:
    [A] » My discord tag is YuhItsCombo#9104

    [Q] » AGE:
    [A] » I am 14 years old.

    [Q] » Timezone:
    [A] »EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    [Q] » How many hours per week will you be able to dedicate to the server?:
    [A] » My hours range depending on what I am doing. I can average about 2-5 hours a day on the server and do that regularly now. I do have many events that I occur to in my regular life, including Marching band, baseball, and a ton of other school-related events. Even with these, I can play a lot on the server and plan to do so. With that being said, I can also be there in emergency times, whether that be when something is going down (hacking or related) or I am needed to deal with an everyday situation.

    [Q] » What are your past staff experiences?: (Explain in detail)
    [A] »I have tons of experience with staff. I have been staff on many servers, but most of them either had no members or they just were corrupt. Even though they weren't really active, I learned many commands, and when to use them. With knowing this, I can apply many things I have learned in the past onto Scarlet and help players with different situations. This includes learning when and where what punishments are appropriate and when they are not. I do realize I can make mistakes with commands, and punishments, but I am willing to fix them where I need to. Now on the servers. One of the first servers I was staff on was called "RankMC." This server was very undeveloped, and there wasn't much on it. I didn't even have to apply really, I just hung around for a while and I got a staff rank. But moderation plugins were there, and I made the best out of the situation. I learned many of the basic commands on this server and I still know some of the people on the server to this day. I was also staff on a server called "VentlessMC." This is the first server I really had to "apply" on. This server had around 15-20 people on a day, and this is where I really learned how to use complex punishments and when they were acceptable. Sadly, the owners of this server went dark and ended up taking the little money they did make to themselves. On these servers, my ranks ranged from Helper to Admin and each and every server was a different experience.

    [Q] » How would you benefit ScarletMC's staff team?:
    [A] »I have experience with almost all of the commands that staff use. I have a few years of experience. If there is an issue with a player breaking rules, I will know what to do. I have experience in everything besides development and coding.

    [Q] » What abilities can you bring to our staff team?:
    [A] » As I stated in the last question, I know almost all of the essential staff commands used for muting, banning, clearing chat, locking chat. ETC.

    [Q] » Why should we accept you over other applicants?:
    [A] »I think I have many things that separates me from other people apply. One of the main things that I think separates me is just my dedicated amount of time on the server. Throughout the 3 months, the server has been open, I have been there the whole time, and I really think that takes dedication. I have seen many of the staff members leave, and step down from staff most likely because they aren't dedicated to the server, and don't feel the need to play on it. Another thing that separates me from others is the fact that I know commands well. Knowing commands is everything when becoming a new staff member on a server. Knowing commands is useful for when people aren't obeying the rules, and I believe I know how to use them, and wisely. Those are the main things that I think separate me from other applicants.

    [Q] » If you could improve the server with one original idea, what would it be?:
    [A] » If I could improve the server with one original idea, it would be having all of the factions come together at the last week and try to raid an "unraidable" base, in the base, there would be vouchers for the next season and a lot of other store items.

    [Q] » Tell us a little about yourself, your personality, your morals and what you enjoy.
    [A] » My name is Ayden, and I am 14. I enjoy playing Minecraft, as you may know by now. I involve myself in many events at school, such as Marching band, and baseball. I also do many events for a charity called The Rowell Cancer Institute. I like to watch TV, and just many other things a teenager does.

    [Q] » You are a helper on the server. Bots suddenly come on the server and start spamming the chat with a server's IP address. You have the permission to clear and lock chat and mute players, what would you do?:
    [A] » First, I would screenshot the chat so I could see the bot names, then I would clear chat so nobody could see the IP address of the server the bots were spamming, next I would lock the chat then proceed to mute the bots using the screenshot that I took of their names.

    [Q] » You are a helper on the server. You have recently muted a YouTuber rightfully but their fans are outraged and they start attacking you, telling you to unmute the YouTuber. How would you handle the situation?:
    [A] » I would explain to the youtubers' fans that he/she was rightfully muted, if they continue to keep on attacking me and break any of the rules I would mute/kick/ban them for whatever rule they broke.

    [Q] » You are a helper on the server. You have discovered someone exploiting a bug, how would you go about handling the situation?:
    [A] »If I finds out somebody is exploiting a bug, first, I would gather evidence of this, then I would contact an HR (Zukos, Nesovi, iZeddy) and let them handle it accordingly

    [Q] »You are a helper on the server. A player begins to Dox a staff member leaking his real name, their IP and their address, what would you do?
    [A] » First, I would clear chat, then I would ban the player and contact an HR.
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    Your application is detailed and worthy, but considering your past mistakes as a staff member on ScarletMC, we will need time to reconsider whether to re-accept you. Reapply in two weeks.
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