IMPORTANT Season 5 - £600 FTOP (4 week map)

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    Hello everyone and welcome to official announcement thread for ScarletMC Season 5!

    We are proud to announce the date of release for season 5. We have big hopes for this season as we have worked hard over these past weeks to present the best factions experience possible. Many things have changed and many bugs has been fixed. All the changes made to ScarletMC can be viewed in-game (/changelog). Basic information can also be found in-game (/info).

    Wednesday, 11th April 2018 - 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST, 21:00 CET)

    • The overworld border will be 7,500 x 7,500
    • The end world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The nether world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The grace period will last 1 week. (11th April - 18th April)
    • There are total 12 corners available.
    • There is no faction member limit.
    • Each member in a faction will receive 20 faction power.
    • Left shooting is disabled.
    • Insiding is allowed.
    • This map will end on 9th May 2018.
    • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
    • Total ftop prize for this season is £600 - £150 Paypal, £450 Buycraft.
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Wednesday at 19:00 GMT (15:00 EST, 20:00 CET) (First payout 25th April)
    1st Place - £30 PayPal
    2nd Place - £20 PayPal​
    • Total of £50 will be paid out each week, for a total of 3 weeks. £50 * 3 = £150.
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Wednesday for Buycraft.
    1st Place - £70 Buycraft
    2nd Place - £50 Buycraft
    3rd Place - £30 Buycraft
    NOTE: These buycraft vouchers can only be used in the "Ranks" category of store. They can only be used once.

    Change Log
    • The issues with cannon not working properly has been fixed.
    • Sand stacking has been fixed. Sand will not stack on slab, but will stack on soul sand, chest etc.
    • Players can no longer connect to our server with a VPN. This is to stop various bot attacks, which we faced these past seasons.
    • Suffix tags has been added, which can be purchased from You can now show off your style by purchasing these tags. (/tags).
    • Website and Store has been redesigned.
    • Each McMMO ability has been capped to certain level. Axes, Swords and Archery are capped at 1,500. Acrobatics capped at 2,000. Unarmed is capped at 500. Rest are capped at 1,000, which includes repair, excavation and more.
    • Item Filtering system has been added and is available for donor ranks.
    • Voucher system has also been added. If you win a perk or a rank from a crate, you will receive a voucher, which players can trade.
    • Insiding is now allowed.
    • Iron Golems will no longer drop poppies, and will only drop Iron Ingots.
    • Witch will drop potions instead.
    • There is a 30% chance creeper may drop TNT.
    • Bans has been reset (Excluding Charge-backs).
    • Chances of gaining lucky rewards from voting has changed.
    • Price for McMMO credits on store has changed.
    • Zombie Pigman will no longer drop Rotten Flesh. There is a chance they may drop Gold Ingot.
    • Water can be placed in nether.
    • Bank notes has been added. (/withdraw)
    • You can know withdraw xp. (/xpbottle)
    • ItemTags has been added. You can now rename your item.
    • Bartender has been added. Another way to gamble your money.
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    I will be adding more features to the changelog as we go on.
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